Velox, The Common Cents CRM Solution
Velox believes that you should only have to pay as much as your business can afford to.
For this reason, we have implemented a pricing model that simply makes “cents”.
For a minimum of just $30 a month and 6 cents per transaction after that,
you can take advantage of all that Velox has to offer with our service.
  • Only a $30 Monthly Fee
    Maximum CRM Transaction Fee of $2400/mo
When you sign up with Velox your instance is absolutely free for 90 days,
for up to 500 transactions. After that pay just a low monthly fee of $30 dollars a month and 6¢ per transaction for all of Velox’s cutting-edge features.
No hassle, no costly monthly premiums.
When you sign up with Velox your pricing will never change and
we will never limit features or charge you more for data usage.
Velox truly is the Common Cents CRM Solution.